Construction Personnel by ACREAUS Teams

We are committed to staffing your communications construction projects with experienced personnel.  We have over 25 years of experience and a proven process for success.  Our team of teams approach incorporates our strongest personnel with yours so that goals and milestones are met on budget and on time.

Our vast pool of craft personnel can help you scale your projects anywhere in the United States and US Territories.  No project is too small or too large!

ACREAUS Executive Team Personnel

Senior Strategist & Management Consulting

Senior Financial Analysts

Onsite Strategic Industry Consulting

Coordination and Oversight of Construction Activities between Teams

Risk Management Reviews of Objectives of Project Plan

Response Operations Management

Coordinate Travel Schedule

Manage Logistics

Quality Control and Productivity


Weekly Field Reports

Assists in Daily Operations

Manages Client Payroll & Expenses

Oversight of Lower Management

Acreaus Culture

ACREAUS Construction Craft Personnel

Operations Director

Construction Manager / Engineer

Operations Manager


Assistant Forman

CDL Operator

Quality Control

Lead Laborer

CDL / Lead Laborer


Horizontal Directional Drill Operator

Restoration Construction Manager

Hard Surface Restoration Foreman

OSP Director of Underground

Warehouse Supervisor

Fiber Placement Laborer

Drill Locator

Fiber Splicer

Drill Operator